Sometimes we just need to hear it

Rear view of friends hugging, one looking back

You can read all the personal development books you want. Psychology,  philosophy and more. You can practice meditation, attend therapy, exercise, writing a journal, eat healthily. Trying to improve yourself and your lot, to find meaning. You learn that is important to believe in yourself,  find value in your own existence. You are told to … Read more

I don’t think I have what it takes


Another weekend where I never got enough done. I sat at home, avoiding yoga, saying to myself I will do some more writing. But it didn’t happen as I would have liked. I did some but I was again too distracted by games.This keeps happening. I feel trapped. I can’t, don’t want to give up … Read more

I want to be like Ari Gold

ari gold with a paintball gun

If you have ever watched the TV series entourage then you’ll know who Ari Gold. First, he has some great lines, but something about how he works appeals to me. I like him because he genuinely cares about the people he represents. Because he’s loud, rude, and politically incorrect, he says what the thinks. He’s … Read more