Your death is but days away!

Thinking upon death and life I remembered some research I had recently read on the psychology about motivation. In a study out of the university of Michigan, it was discovered that participants would see the future as closer if that future endpoint was expressed in days rather than years or months. Daphna Oyserman the lead … Read more

The fundamental problem we all face

shopping crowd crossing the city street in motion blur

Work gets done. Time is spent. Possessions are accumulated. Projects undertaken. We connect to other. This is the business of life. Except there’s one problem. We don’t know if any of the above matters in the greater scheme of things. We seem to be insignificant in the great swirl of the cosmos. In this one … Read more

Do you hate being nice all the time?

angry portrait of a man

Nice. I hate that word, and good too. Isn’t Richard nice. Nice, nice, nice. He’s a good boy. Modest, unassuming, impeccable manners. He’s very nice. I hate being nice all the time. Sometimes I just want to be a rude, crude, arrogant, condescending, narcissistic, brutish, know it all, vulgar, pain in the ass!!! I want … Read more