Is mobile technology threatening our social skills?

Kids playing on smartphones sitting on the grass in the park.

On my way home from London the carriage was almost quiet. Few people talked. They were either reading a paper, a book, or like myself engrossed in their phone, tablet, or laptop. But its not just here, technology has worked it’s way into our social life everywhere. We talk to each other keeping one eye … Read more

To be or not to be, that is the question

to be or not to be quote image

The Dream. Firstly, there’s the dream We want more. More money, more possessions, more success and happiness. So we dream. We have ideas, we think them over, we forget them, come back to them. Some ideas stick with us, but then life gets in the way. We ignore the calling of our hearts. So continue … Read more

Your death is but days away!

Thinking upon death and life I remembered some research I had recently read on the psychology about motivation. In a study out of the university of Michigan, it was discovered that participants would see the future as closer if that future endpoint was expressed in days rather than years or months. Daphna Oyserman the lead … Read more