I hate being Nice

Man Screaming

Someone makes fun of me in school because I am shy. Another pupil hits me, I don’t know why. A work colleague does not return a tool they borrowed from me. Another gamer trolls me online for not doing what he wants me to do. As if I’m supposed to know. Someone who I thought … Read more

Personal development according to Dickens

Scrooge says no to christmas

Few characters have undergone such a transformation so quickly as Scrooge during three nights in the classic A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. One of the most beloved stories in western literature. It tells the story of Scrooge, a mean spirited, miserly old man. His attitude towards society is one of borderline contempt. He is … Read more

The Darkside of Creativity

Pen and sword

Something unpleasant and disturbing is happening. It affects us all, but we do not speak of it. It has to do with our creative endeavours. The results of creativity are all around us, in the products we use and the art we consume. We see the work in music, film, paintings, literature, products. We can … Read more