Artistic Voice: Time in the game

I’ve spent ten years working out what I want to say with my writing. So far, with my art, it’s about six.

It’s a key point I have to learn; my frustration with my art is partly down to not having enough time with art.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading, writing notes, and thinking about what I want to say and how with my writing. I was reading many years before I started writing. 

I’ve also worked out how to organise my thoughts, going through file cards, too many documents, Scrivener and now a Zettelkasten system. Contemplated what matters most to me so that I can read the next book, the following video. I’ve occasionally taken time off from writing, a messy two or three years in the past term years of writing.

The lesson here is I need to be patient with my art and accept that artistic voice comes with time.

So far, I’ve learned that anxiety, fear, and philosophy are interests that keep me engaged. Other subjects include well-being, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle.

Buddhism is the philosophy in particular, but I’m also fascinated by the East and West’s meeting point.

Such a voice has only developed because there is some mileage chalked up.

Unlike my writing, my art is still somewhat in development, where I am more clear about what I want to say.

Nevertheless, I have come to some conclusions about artistic expression.

I like the sensuality of the materials, like the paint and the physicality of the medium. It’s why I’m not a digital artist. Subjects include the human body and the evocative potential of landscape, sea and sky. The forms and shapes give a sense of place and feeling.

The idea I have in my art of ‘form and flow’ mirrors the Yin Yang duality of Daoism. Eastern ideas and art interest me, as do Western art mediums, like oils, drawing, acrylics, etc. A merging of the two seems to be where I’m headed.

All this above gives me a helpful recognition that more time is needed for my art to mature. I need to be patient and keep creating both my art and writing, living the lifestyle of a creator, seeing inspiration, and talking to other artists. Creating more work and then assessing it, all the immersion and work need to find the answers and expressiveness I seek.

Keep looking, contemplating, and creating the message, and log more hours in the game.