Has Art become meaningless?

What is Art? Some ask this philosophical question after Duchamp’s famous upturned toilet. The Modern Art that’s popular today, what gets in the galleries and museums, is often more likely to be conceptual or abstract. But the problem with such art, as Tom Wolfe points out in his essay The Painted Word, is the ambiguity. The artist’s statement … Read more

The Art of Warhammer and War – my history with art

Although I started art a few years ago, I can see how my art yearnings grew from my youth. I used to play tabletop games back in the Day, exclusively Warhammer and Warhammer 40k by Games Workshop, which creates games in a Fantasy or Sci-Fi genre. Collecting, painting, and playing with miniatures on the tabletop … Read more

Art Style-A Yearning for Form

After years of chasing after atmospheric art, after being wowed by Turner, the smeared, palette knife works of Erin ward, Louise Balaam, etc. Like Plein air painting years ago, I’ve noticed it all tended to look the same. Now I now yearn for something else. Form. After years of delighting in lost edges, I now … Read more

My Art and Uncertainty

‘Why am I procrastinating?’ is a question I often ask myself. My thoughts often turn towards an aversion to uncertainty which has held me back in life a lot. Because I don’t feel in control, don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t make an effort and do some work. I avoid drawing, painting, and going … Read more