Atheism-Theism Debate – On Meaning

A popular claim put forwards by apologists is without God, there is no Hope, Meaning and Purpose for our existence, meaning can only derive from God. Atheists see such an attitude as both condescending and a failure to understand. Theists assume other people are like them, with the same values, fears and hopes. Such ignorance … Read more

Atheism-Theism: Two Different Questions are being asked and answered

This debate between the believer and non-believer points out the difference between not so much the answers offered but the question being asked. Theists think the question is, ‘Does a God exist? And they would answer ‘yes’. (Note that God is always their image of it.) But an Atheist sees the question as ‘Can we … Read more

Has Art become meaningless?

What is Art? Some ask this philosophical question after Duchamp’s famous upturned toilet. The Modern Art that’s popular today, what gets in the galleries and museums, is often more likely to be conceptual or abstract. But the problem with such art, as Tom Wolfe points out in his essay The Painted Word, is the ambiguity. The artist’s statement … Read more

The Non-Self you experience every day

The Buddhist idea of Non-Self or Anatman seems far too foreign to bother much with, a fancy term for an idea we are too busy to have. Whilst Non-Self can be a profound experience discovered through meditation, what’s important is all of us can experience a little of what it’s like in our daily lives. … Read more

Buddhism as a Corrective Lens

One thread I have picked up in my quest for answers is how we are prone to illusion and falsehood with the mind. The number of biases and logical fallacies is long; some more common are confirmation bias, survivor bias, special pleading, and arguments from emotion. It’s a wonder we get any done with such … Read more