Atheism vs Theism Questioning Aristotle

What’s often characteristic of many theists in their debate with non-believers is their faith in the ideas of Aristotle. Soon after Aristotle came, more thinkers espoused and expanded his ideas. Aquinas, for example, gave rise to Thomistic Christianity. Advocates will put Aristotle and his ideas forwards yet fail to prove he was correct, merely presupposing … Read more

Atheism-Theism-Free Will Argument

Here are my doubts over the Free will argument for God. Automatic Behaviours First, we ignore that a lot of our behaviour is not through choice but automatic and habitual. Cherry-picking the behaviour seems free will, and ignoring the rest is confirmation bias. When we feel cold, which is uncomfortable, we seek another layer of … Read more

Atheism-Theism -Cumulative case for God

The argument follows: there are so many arguments for God, and in the eyes of the theists, all the claims fit together; therefore, it must be true. Cumulative claims are not the issue, however. The cumulative case is sometimes used to refute specific claims. It’s a problem because it does not answer the sceptic’s question. … Read more