Let it go: Magical advice for personal growth

I recently came across the film Frozen. With the award-winning track ‘let it go.’

It struck a chord with me because it summed up so much of how I have felt these past years working on my fears, anxiety and finding a purpose in life.

It characterised the rekindling of a passion for life that was crushed in me long ago.

The intensity of the feeling is scary, but it’s why I like, Kipling, Nietzsche and the existentialist thinkers. Why I’m something of a romantic.

It’s all the same sentiment, a life passionately entangled with.

All the feelings I have had these past few years, as I try to move away from my anxious self are summed up in this sentiment.

So what does it mean to ‘Let it Go’?

It’s about two things as I see it.

Letting go of the feelings inside, letting them out, expressing them. What the film itself seems to suggest. Expressing ideas and being creative. No longer hiding your own power and passion.

It’s about Authenticity. Being the person you really are rather than the individual others want you to be.

It’s also about creativity, just like in the film. Following your passion, to create and build, just like Elsa does. It could be art, a business, a tribe, an organisation, knowledge. We are all creative.

But another related meaning can be found. Letting go of illusions. The ideas you have about the person you feel you should be.

Because whether you know it or not you have values placed inside of your mind that your are trying to live up to.

You have these ideas, of how things should be, what you should be like.

An image of a perfect, lover, partner, woman, man. It’s a mold you’re trying to squeeze yourself into. But you also have doubts about how you can live up to the expectations of others.

Just Let it go.

‘The ‘should do this’, the “don’t be that.’

‘That’s not what people like me do.’

‘I can’t do that.’

‘It shouldn’t be like this’

Let them all go

It’s because we are afraid to say goodbye to those things we feel define us, or gives us direction and purpose. But those things which may have had a purpose once are now what’s stopping you from growing.

You have to let them go.

‘Life is one long process of letting go’

To let go means to allow space for new things to take their place.

Letting go of the barriers you place around to keep you safe, but keep you isolated and alone.

Letting go of the idealistic ideas that you can never seem to live up to. Letting go of the feeling and ideas inside and sharing them with others.

This is the sentiment of the film, and why I think it was so popular.

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