minimalist living room with fireplace without furniture

My Minimalist journey Part 1

I have never had much in the way of possessions. But my desire to live a more authentic happier life was rekindled after reading the book Goodbye Things by Fumia Sasaki.

It explains the author’s personal journey into a more minimalist lifestyle. What it takes, how he did it and the results.

I had some idea of what minimalism was like, an image of barren rooms and bare walls.

But after reading this book not only was I better informed about what minimalism is a lifestyle. But also a greater desire to live it.

Minimalism has become one of the more practical initiatives I have in my life to grow and thrive.

What surprised me the most was that minimalism is a way to become more content and happier. It seems obvious but I never joined the dots between the possessions I own and my mental state.

Possessions make us unhappy because they possess us. We have to clean them, order them, store them, maintain them, repair them, and sometimes replace them. All the work and time spent to keep what you have. With fewer possessions, you can worry less about them. And you can’t worry about losing something you don’t have.

This is a big incentive, as is spending less money on things I didn’t need.

Minimalism is about focus, and I wanted to focus on what matters to me the most.

My journey begins as suggested in the book with the easy stuff first. Getting rid of the things you know you don’t need or are highly unlikely to.

It means scanning a lot of documents I had kept from my nutrition education, I’m selling the books too.

Throwing the objet d’art and ornaments that clutter up surfaces. As well as some unwanted clothes.

I have also done some work in my digital space. Deleting unwanted file on my PC, reducing to a minimum the number of apps on my phone too.

It’s early days yet but I have made some space at home on my shelves.

One thing I have done is to create a space for things I’m going to sell. A ‘selling shelf’ or two. Selling takes time and putting a little space side for these things is a part of my downsizing habit.

Looking back I should regret not minimising sooner, but I did sort of try minimalism before, at the beginning of 2016. After a lifetime of gaming on my PC, I decided at the end of 2015 that I needed to stop. Gaming wasn’t fun anymore and it was making me happy. I needed to focus on the things that I had neglected in my life.

Now my creativity, relationships, and health are taking higher importance in my life. As is finding my own niche in this world.

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Image Credit: archidea / 123RF Stock Photo