Social Anxiety Meetup

Social Anxiety Meetup

I have decided to tackle my SA more directly by starting a meetup near where I live.

The Location is in central Kent so far. For full details on the location visit my meetup page for the group.

Here is the blurb.

I have started this group because there appears to be no such meetups in Kent for Social Anxiety sufferers, and my social life is not as good as I want it to be.

This is no doubt be the scariest thing I have done so far. Whilst I am not sure where this is going, but I thought I would try it out, and see what happens.

I have suffered with SA every since I was in school, and only now do I feel like I am getting better. This meet is part of my own process in overcoming the restrictions this fear has placed upon me, and living a more successful like.

This group is not just about anxiety, but has a greater purpose in helping others live more fulfilling and successful lives.

I want it to be a place were we can help each other grow and thrive. To help reduce the fears that you have and start living a more fulfilling, and happier life in general.

Anyone is welcome to join. Meetings are free however, donations are welcome to help pay for the room hire.

I want this be a group for us to hang out, go to places, which can be anything from walks, social events like, drinks, cinema, concerts, anything we as member would like to try. This is a place for like minded people to socialise. The important thing is to become more comfortable in social settings, make a few friends, and try new things.

Social anxiety is not the only topic we can talk about. It want this to be a group friends so we can talk about anything. I also would like to share insights and experiences coping with this problem among the group.

This group is for

Those who suffer, shyness, awkwardness, anxiety. Those who have trouble making friends, problems at work, feelings of loneliness.

This is the first group I have made, and any help with it would be appreciated. But I want us all to have a say in this. Hopefully as the group expands I want to encourage other members to get involved in planning and hosting future events.


This is not a therapy session, and I am not a therapist. This is not a place for diagnosis, treatment, or cure. Though I do hope to be able to help you in some way, I still advise in getting professional help.

This group is for people who offer respect, compassion, acceptance, and understanding to others. Feel free to voice you own opinions, suggestions and words of encouragement.

I look forward to seeing you there


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