Atheism vs Theism – Design argument for God

Design arguments are among the more popular non-scriptural arguments put forward by Theists. The argument goes something like this: The cosmos appears designed and, therefore, must have a designer, a God. A watch has a watchmaker; a pot has a potter is the claim. One simple counterargument is that the cosmos is better designed for rocks or … Read more

Atheism – Theism – The Ontological argument for God

The ontological argument attempts to prove that a “maximally great being” must exist, that being God. God is the greatest thing ever and things that exist are greater/better than things that don’t. Therefore, God must exist. Is existence better? The argument asserts that non-existence is a flaw. Since God, by definition, has no flaws, he must exist. … Read more

Atheism- Theism – The Fine-Tuning argument for God

In the Atheism-Theism debate, the claim a god exists is put forwards due to the apparent fine-tuning of the cosmos. Life appears to be well adjusts for our existence. There are several universal constants, such as the speed of light, that have specific measurable quantities. If just one these constants varies by the slightest amount, … Read more