Self Help and Happiness are making us miserable

Man alone against a wall, grim, dark tone

After suffering for years from anxiety, doubt and depressed moods, I started doing what seemed the obvious: reading books. I read many self-help books to help me find and live a better life. After over a decade of research, I wondered if all the reading was necessary. After years of reading, I felt only a … Read more

No, the world doesn’t have to make sense

In our quest for happiness, much of our suffering comes from our desire for the world to make sense and to have answers so we can feel safe. I found this myself as I struggled with social anxiety and depression. You see people rushing around trying to make sense of the world and their lives, … Read more

Loki’s Wager and the Sorites Paradox

The Sorites paradox, also known as The Fallacy of the Heap, frequently occupies my contemplations regarding philosophy and existence. This concept has immensely influenced me and served as a gateway to grasping Buddhist philosophy. It manifests in philosophical discourse and literature, art, and the philosophy of knowledge. In mythology with Loki is the trickster god … Read more

Our Fetishisation of Consciousness

hinking about Life, Rodin's The Thinker

Something I’ve noticed in my struggle with anxiety was seeing how overthinking is and still is part of my life.  Looking more broadly, I see how it’s become part of society. In a world that bombards us with information, we have been more driven into our minds than in previous eras. Most of all, it … Read more