Pathway to success: Where do I start?

I have often asked this question of myself when faced with a new challenge. Where to begin?

The answer is simpler than we think.

Begin wherever you are. Just dive in.

The process of growth towards success has no start as such. You just have to begin wherever you find yourself now.

It’s like trying to the answer the chicken and egg question, which came first. There is no start or finish. So the question is meaningless.

The question where do I start is often just another example of our desire to get everything right and perfect. To take the fastest most efficient path. But it’s the wrong attitude, just begin and you will figure it out along the way.

If you were to ask successful individuals where they started. Their reply might be a date for when they began, but that was not the beginning. They laid some of the foundations of their success earlier in their lives. The knowledge they learned, the connections they made.

There often is no identifiable beginning point to our successes because life is messy and ambiguous. Because skills you learned in one field can be transferred to another. It’s all too complicated to clearly define a discrete beginning point.

Your intentions are not an indicator either because we can end up in places we never expected. Priorities and goals change so where we are now is based upon energy and work that was towards a different goal.

We may start out wanting to be a builder, and end up as a successful artist.

So the question, ‘where did you begin your artistic journey’ becomes difficult.

We can learn useful skills and ideas in fields seemingly unrelated to the success we seek, or the work we find ourselves doing.

My own life is an example. The work I have done on my mental health which is now helping me be an artist and writer. Changes in habits, coping with the fears and doubts are both making an impact on my art journey which started in 2016.

But these skills I started to develop back in 2003 when I began reading self-help books. My goal back then was never art, and yet the ideas I have read and the skills I have developed are making a difference.

So where did my art journey begin? 2016 or 2003? When I picked up a brush or a book?

Our lives are cumulative in some ways, we build upon earlier experiences, knowledge and skills because it’s an iterative process. Or we realise that previous choices are no longer for us and we make a pivot into a new direction. In either case, previous experiences propel us forwards.

So the question you are actually asking is ‘what do I do next.’

You can jump on the carousel of success at any point. It does not matter where you start just as long as you do.

Start wherever you are and just begin.

Image Credit: saknakorn / 123RF Stock Photo