About Me

  • Artist
  • Buddhist
  • Writer

For many years of my own life I felt lost, very much alone and full of doubt. Uncertain what I wanted from life and how to get it.

This was not helped by my own introversion and shyness which prevented me from seeking connection and answers from other people. Something was wrong. A niggling fear of a meaningless life.

This lead me to read more on psychology, philosophy and self help books on self improvement and development. I had many ideas and I wanted to share them.

I would lead me to where I am now with Philosophy especially Buddhism and Art.

I had the idea….

What if I were to meet my younger self. What would I tell this young Richard?

What are the ideas that help us live happier lives?

So we can rest with peace in our hearts and a smile on our lips.

I hope what I have to say here resonates with you, if so then this blog is for you.