The Pursuit of Happiness is making us miserable

I like many, have pursued self-improvement to better my life, become more successful and be happier. My quest for personal development lead me to read, listen and watch to so much advice. But a part of me became exasperated at how much it felt like work. I asked myself ‘When will it end? When can I … Read more

The Art of Warhammer and War – my history with art

Although I started art a few years ago, I can see how my art yearnings grew from my youth. I used to play tabletop games back in the Day, exclusively Warhammer and Warhammer 40k by Games Workshop, which creates games in a Fantasy or Sci-Fi genre. Collecting, painting, and playing with miniatures on the tabletop … Read more

Buddhism as a vehicle

Buddhism is often misunderstood; those who investigate its ideas often look for a core set of beliefs to cling to. Just as other religions have gods, Buddhism is treated as having some essential truth to grasp. This makes Buddhism the same religion as western beliefs and philosophy. However, the teachings of the Buddha are never … Read more