Remembering Paignton

Wanting to use up some of my canvas boards lying around I looked at the photos I took last year of my trip to Paignton in Devon. I remember what draws me to the coast and seascapes, the interface between the land and the sea, the rocks, sand water create interesting colour palettes to paint … Read more

No, the world doesn’t have to make sense

In our quest for happiness so much of our suffering could be avoided. Much comes from our desire for the world to make sense, to have answers. It’s an attitude that places our neediness and fears at the centre of existence. In ancient Greece, there was an Airbnb owned by Procrustes, who had one bed made of … Read more

Matisse and the Dance

I like this work for a number of reasons. Regarding its formal qualities, I like the emphasis on lines and colour. It is simple but complimentary red and green. I prefer this scheme to the more realistic one painted a year earlier. But its style is straightforward, with no unnecessary detail or device that distracts … Read more