Matisse and the Dance

I like this work for several reasons, primarily its formal qualities. I like the emphasis on line, shape and colour. Its simple but complementary colour scheme of red and green appeals to me. I prefer this scheme to the more realistic one painted a year earlier. His style is straightforward, however, with no unnecessary detail … Read more

The Philosophy of a Jackson Pollock drip painting

This painting is not a big favourite of mine, but it’s important to me because the work is unconventional and what it symbolises.  He’s famous because he’s so hyped; the market likes controversial groundbreakers, so he’s radical in one sense. He’s part of today’s love affair with creativity, newness, breaking with tradition, and the future. … Read more

The Abstract Expressionists

Many art movements were born during the 20th century, and I can’t go into them all, but one was the Abstract Expressionists (AbEx). I’ve been looking at them through the Museum of Modern Arts online course at Coursera, presented by Corey D’Augustine. In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting It was a fascinating look at the methods, history and personalities … Read more