East Vs West – Differing Traditions and Paradigms

What seems to get lost in the Atheist-Theist debates is just how different the respective worldviews are. Theists and atheists seemingly fail to notice the absence of other religions like Buddhism in this debate. Here I contrast what I know about two differing worldviews that affect debates and conversations about religion and philosophy. In the … Read more

The Bed of Procrustes and Hypostatisation

If I see one mistake repeatedly in social discourse and our personal lives, it’s the insistence that the world must fit our beliefs and expectations. Let’s consider a scenario we’ve all experienced: being stuck in a traffic jam. Our initial reaction is often one of frustration: ‘This shouldn’t be happening!’ Reality shatters our expectations of … Read more

No, the world doesn’t have to make sense

In our quest for happiness, much of our suffering comes from our desire for the world to make sense and to have answers so we can feel safe. I found this myself as I struggled with social anxiety and depression. You see people rushing around trying to make sense of the world and their lives, … Read more