Does art require a meaning?

In some circles like academia and teaching, there is an expectation, even a pressure, to have art imbibed with meaning. It’s not enough to make pretty pictures; there has to be a narrative. Art is made for different reasons and to convey different things; sometimes it’s ideas; other times, it offers up experiences. There is … Read more

Is Buddhism Nihilistic?

With the idea in Buddhism of No-Self or Non-self, there is a thought and concern that Buddhism is Nihilistic, denying any existence or meaning in life. It’s sometimes criticism of Buddhist philosophy, and we have questions as we investigate Buddhism. Illusion and Non-existence One reason why such an accusation of forwards is the Buddhist idea … Read more

Buddhism and the quest for meaning and purpose

Man in jeans, shirt, as confident hero, with a cape

In my experience and understanding, such questions as ‘Why are we here?’ ‘What my ultimate purpose in life?” can’t be answered definitively. I don’t need the consoling beliefs offered up by other religions like theism. Such views are always metaphysical (Place your faith in God). I looked into metaphysics and concluded it’s a waste of … Read more