Christmas Greeting Cards and Artistic Voice

Finding an artistic voice is often way too complicated; we overthink it and have many misguided ideas about what it is. The best advice is to avoid thinking too much about it and concentrate on making art; your voice will arise out of practice.

However, one practice I have thought up is to do with Christmas cards. Greetings Cards come in many styles, from realistic to cartoon and graphic. But with Christmas cards, you have the same themes and imagery, executed differently. This makes them a possible way to learn more about your own aesthetic tastes.

Below is a selection of cards of different styles and sizes I received. I like some more than others, but the practice of looking at them to decide what I want and don’t like about them might say something about your own artists’ leanings and voices. I kind of prefer the more illustrative and graphical style than the realism.

I haven’t encountered more impressionist and expressive brushwork painting styles in them, or maybe that’s not the sort of card that gets bought and shared.

What one do you like or dislike? Comment below.

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