Atheism-Theism-Free Will Argument

Here are my doubts over the Free will argument for God. Automatic Behaviours First, we ignore that a lot of our behaviour is not through choice but automatic and habitual. Cherry-picking the behaviour seems free will, and ignoring the rest is confirmation bias. When we feel cold, which is uncomfortable, we seek another layer of … Read more

Atheism-Theism -Cumulative case for God

The argument follows: there are so many arguments for God, and in the eyes of the theists, all the claims fit together; therefore, it must be true. Cumulative claims are not the issue, however. The cumulative case is sometimes used to refute specific claims. It’s a problem because it does not answer the sceptic’s question. … Read more

Atheism-Theism – Contingency Argument for God

This argument says the transient or contingent change of the world requires the a non contingent source. Every contingent thing has an explanation of its existence. If the universe has an explanation of its existence. That explanation is a transcendent, personal being. Question Begging There is a lot of begging the question here. More questions … Read more