East Vs West – Differing Traditions and Paradigms

What seems to get lost in the Atheist-Theist debates is just how different the respective worldviews are. Theists and atheists seemingly fail to notice the absence of other religions like Buddhism in this debate. Here I contrast what I know about two differing worldviews that affect debates and conversations about religion and philosophy. In the … Read more

Atheism-Theism Debate – On Meaning

A popular claim put forwards by apologists is without God, there is no Hope, Meaning and Purpose for our existence; meaning can only derive from God. Atheists see such an attitude as both condescending and a failure to understand. Theists assume other people are like them, with the same values, fears and hopes. Such ignorance … Read more

Atheism-Theism: Two Different Questions are being asked and answered

This debate between the believer and non-believer points out the difference between not so much the answers offered but the question being asked. Theists think the question is, ‘Does a God exist? And they would answer ‘yes’. (Note that God is always their image of it.) But an Atheist sees the question as ‘Can we … Read more

Atheism vs Theism Questioning Aristotle

What’s often characteristic of many theists in their debate with non-believers is their faith in the ideas of Aristotle. Soon after Aristotle came, more thinkers espoused and expanded his ideas. Aquinas, for example, gave rise to Thomistic Christianity. Advocates will put Aristotle and his ideas forwards yet fail to prove he was correct, merely presupposing … Read more