My art journey and insights #1

Water-Lilies-and-Japanese-Bridge-(1897-1899)-by Claude Monet

I have decided to offer up some insights and ideas about my leap of faith into the world of creating visual art. I have long enjoyed visual imagery, but never really connected it with the notion of creating it myself. This year is my first foray into this world. Maelstrom of ideas and feelings So … Read more

Blogging is depressing

I hate to say it. But my efforts to be a success have made me more miserable. The more I learn about blogging, the less I want to do. So much advice constantly leaves me feeling that I’m just not that good, that I’m not trying hard enough. What is with bloggers who blog about … Read more

I don’t think I have what it takes


Another weekend where I never got enough done. I sat at home, avoiding yoga, saying to myself I will do some more writing. But it didn’t happen as I would have liked. I did some but I was again too distracted by games.This keeps happening. I feel trapped. I can’t, don’t want to give up … Read more

Where am I going with this?

For the past few weeks I have been racked with worry about where my business is going. I have been asking myself questions about my life and business. What exactly am I trying to do? What is my business for? What’s the purpose of my business, my life? I have looked at many sources on … Read more

I have to get out


I have to get out. I’m not sure I can take it anymore. This job, this lifestyle. I so want to be free and just read, help others through my ideas. I have so many to write about. The work I do now I have to do because I need the money, but the job … Read more