Buddhist concept of – Impermanence (Annica, Anitya, 無常 Mujō)

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When it comes to understanding the Buddhist worldview, it cannot be overstated just how the rest of it is tied to the view of existence as constantly changing. This view of Anicca (Pāli) or Anitya (Sanskrit), or Impermanence, is one of the most important ideas in the Buddhist paradigm. It’s one of the Three Marks of Existence in the … Read more

The Importance of Ritual in our lives

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All religions have their practices and rituals. Prayers, fasting, observance of holy days, harvest time celebrations and many more. For a long time now I’ve dismissed such things as the unimportant trappings of religion, but since studying Buddhism and Taoism I have come to question my stance. Also, it doesn’t take much imagination to see … Read more