The Non-Self you experience every day

The Buddhist idea of Non-Self or Anatman seems far too foreign to bother much with, a fancy term for an idea we are too busy to have. Whilst Non-Self can be a profound experience discovered through meditation, what’s important is all of us can experience a little of what it’s like in our daily lives. … Read more

Buddhism as a Corrective Lens

One thread I have picked up in my quest for answers is how we are prone to illusion and falsehood with the mind. The number of biases and logical fallacies is long; some more common are confirmation bias, survivor bias, special pleading, and arguments from emotion. It’s a wonder we get any done with such … Read more

Subject seeking Object: Self Looking for It-self

One attitude we often encounter in life is the notion we have to find ourselves or improve ourselves. ‘Know Thyself’. It’s said on the Oracle in Delphi in ancient Greece. The problem is finding the fixed self or essence to grasp or improve upon. As I learned this makes self-help and self-improvement a trap for … Read more

Buddhism as a vehicle

Buddhism is often misunderstood; those who investigate its ideas often look for a core set of beliefs to cling to. Just as other religions have gods, Buddhism is treated as having some essential truth to grasp. This makes Buddhism the same religion as western beliefs and philosophy. However, the teachings of the Buddha are never … Read more