East Vs West – Differing Traditions and Paradigms

What seems to get lost in the Atheist-Theist debates is just how different the respective worldviews are. Theists and atheists seemingly fail to notice the absence of other religions like Buddhism in this debate. Here I contrast what I know about two differing worldviews that affect debates and conversations about religion and philosophy. In the … Read more

Loki’s Wager and the Sorites Paradox

The Sorites paradox, also known as The Fallacy of the Heap, frequently occupies my contemplations regarding philosophy and existence. This concept has immensely influenced me and served as a gateway to grasping Buddhist philosophy. It manifests in philosophical discourse and literature, art, and the philosophy of knowledge. In mythology with Loki is the trickster god … Read more

Buddhism as a Corrective Lens

One thread I have followed in my quest for answers is how we are prone to illusion and falsehoods. But a question arises: how can we be sure of anything if our minds are so inclined to flawed reasoning and illusion? I discovered the answer in the Buddhist approach to life and the mind. The number of … Read more