Sensitivity and the fear of overwhelm, and overload

Sensitive type of person

My fear and anxiety have to do with the future, the fear of being overwhelmed or stressed by a situation. It’s that state where you are so overstimulated it feels upsetting. I feel it in the pit of my stomach, an uneasiness; I feel cold, palms sweaty, trembling hands. The overwhelm feels like a loss … Read more

The Highly Sensitive Person (An essential read for the anxious type)

A lot of the anxiety I felt when I was younger couldn’t explain. I seemed to be different, flawed and that led to shame and more anxiety. But after reading this book, my attitude started to change. My past made more sense and explained why I was the way I am. What the book describes … Read more

When frustration boils over

It all gets too much sometimes; last week felt like this. Trying to make headway in the crucial areas of my life never seems to happen, like I’m spinning my wheels. Personal stuff bothers me; I won’t go into details, but my lifestyle is in transition, and I want it to go faster. I want … Read more